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    Jieyang Weisong cement production factory reinforced cement products professional production base, the authentication of ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification enterprises; Guangdong Province Cement Products Industry Association member units. The product adopts scientific formula, production process excellence level test for supporting advanced production equipment, reasonable, ensure that the products of high quality and high stability. The company has strong technical strength, with more experienced senior technical personnel, R & D and production in one, with a long time with the national research institutions, set the essence of modern science and technology, development and production of high technology content "of high strength steel fiber composite material manhole cover" series of products, which developed by Chen Zehong's "anti-theft manholecover" "steel fiber concrete composite material manhole cover" "high strength steel fiber composite material manhole cover" access to domestic patent; strong, long life, beautiful environment, the burglar steal the capacity of this series of products, is the ideal accessory road facilities. Products by the national authoritative organization detection at all levels are in line with the national building materials industry JC8892001 standards, by the Chinese market brand management association as "China's well-knowncovers the top ten brand" title, is the largest Eastern region, product variety specification is complete, quality is guaranteed road facilities, professional production base. Varieties are: Communication manhole cover, locking anti-theft manhole cover, manhole cover, water supply and sewerage manhole cover, Mizu Ko, power cable trench cover, industrial ditch cover plate, sign pile, routing flag brick, warning signs and other species, a variety of shapes and sizes of inclusive. Also according to the special functionof user's design, production of non-standard products.
    At present, cast iron manhole covers were stolen after the trap, replacing the well seat trouble and so on, our company design and manufacture of high bearing capacity and maintain a thin cover face the same plane with the surface cover, it can not only replace the cast iron manhole cover, also can be made according to the users of different size, shape, cover the printed pattern of trademark words, beautiful, generous, durability, security.
    Welcome new and old customers come, letter, phone contact, it is our pleasure to your patronage, is willing to work with you to create a better future of new!