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Sales letter of commitment

Steel fiber reinforced composite material covers the series products

After sale service undertaking

A, delivery period:

But because the product core technology system using high grade cement and special steel fiber, DuPont fiber and chemical processing, the process requirements of product maintenance period for 15 days before being put into use. Bulk orders and special specification order delivery period is from the effective date of the contract 18 ~ 28 days.

Two, the quality assurance

A, the factory production of high strength steel fiber composite material manhole cover according to the provisions of the building materials industry standard JC889-2001 national quality indication strictly, delivered to users.

B, such as product delivery and acceptance is unqualified, the manufacturers to be unconditionally free replacement.

Three, after sale service

A, according to the provisions of the state to install and use standard installation products within one year, such as non-human and irresistible factors and damage, investigation and analysis of fault personnel eight hours after receiving the information sent in the factory, recover the use of twelve hours.

B, factory long-term to provide free technical advisory services, such as user during the installation process, technical difficulties and can not be solved, can be written notice to the factory technical staff to the scene to assist the technical guidance, problem solving.

Three years of warranty for free replacement of C, since the products into use date, outside the warranty conditions factory long-term to provide delivery service